Popular Culture and the Arts in America

Brewing Beer in Colonial America
Discusses the history of brewing beer in America and the social importance of brewing in the colonies.

The Early America Review
Explores the early history of the colonies through the media of the day.

Seventeenth Century Newspapers
This site uses the earliest colonial newspapers to bring the era alive.

Colonial Documents
The key documents of the Colonial Era are reproduced here, as are some of the important documents from earlier and later time periods in American history.

The Colonial Movie Critic
This site looks at Hollywood's portrayal of the American colonial period.

George Washington At Home
Pictures and documents of Mount Vernon, the home of the first president, George Washington.

1830s Clothing
See how clothing worn in the Early Republic was quite different from what you are wearing now.

Harriet Beecher Stowe And Uncle Tom's Cabin
This site provides the text and descriptions of the book and information about Stowe's life and work.

A Bibliography For Harriet Beecher Stowe
A great bibliography of material by and about Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Late Nineteenth Century Authors
This site offers a variety of novels and other works relating to the 19th century. See especially Twain, Howells and Harris.

Shadowball: The Negro Baseball Leagues
This is an article, Jim Crow at the Bat: Apartheid in Baseball, by Harlan S. Williams.

Arts and Crafts Society
The Society's Homepage offers information about the history of the Arts and Crafts movement along with illustrative images.

I Hear America Sing
American music came into its own in the early 20th century, as this fascinating site demonstrates.

The Flu Epidemic Of 1918
Today the flu is an annoyance for most people. In 1918 a major epidemic of Spanish Influenza swept through the United States, killing 600,000 people.

The Spanish Flu Epidemic: One Experience
The story of Hattie Marrier, a French Canadian immigrant to Minnesota conveys the terror of the Spanish Flu Epidemic.

National Geographic And The Titanic
This site offers historical perspective and balanced coverage of this tragic event.

Film And History--A Journal
Film and History is a professional journal. Examine the reviews of both books and films in the last two volumes to see how historians assess films as documents reflecting American culture.

A History Of Radio Program Collecting By Marvin Bensman
Radio had a major impact on peoples' lives from 1930 to the present. One indication is the emphasis on preserving and collecting old programs.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Rock and Roll became the music of a new generation by the late 1950s.

Digger Archives
This site provides a glimpse into the counter culture and reformist spirit of the 1960s and beyond.